• While Programmatic Growth Has Decelerated, Q4 Looks 'Exciting' Thanks To Connected TV
    The programmatic digital ad marketplace appears to be stable amid signs of a potential economic downturn, but its expansion appears to be decelerating, according to monthly ad budget sentiment tracking by Wall Street equities firm Pivotal Research Group. Analyzing the net difference among ad execs accelerating vs. those decelerating their ad budgets on The Trade Desk, the dominant supply-side programmatic media-buying platform (see market share responses below) and a publicly traded one, Pivotal's tracking shows the net accelerating has eroded from 38% in May to 27% in August.
  • It's Time To Smell Some Roses -- In Real-Time -- And Yes, In Real Places
    It might be a good time for people in the business to actually go out and experience firsthand what their "end users" experience when they're standing inside a store and actually interacting with a brand at retail.