• Is Real-Time Attribution The Holy Grail We've Been Looking For?
    How does real-time attribution data solve marketers' measurement problems and help them get a better grip on ROI? Anil Mathews, Founder and CEO of Near, a location intelligence platform, chats with RTBlog about the matter.
  • Measurement And Attribution Top List of Industry Priorities
    In a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report, 71% of marketers, media buyers, publishers, and ad tech executives polled say that they expect to increase spending on data and related services this year. The report was released at the IAB's annual leadership conference.
  • How Biddable IO Can Eliminate Trade-Offs Between Transparency And Guarantees
    Aiming to automate direct-media buys, PubMatic said it's found a way to eliminate the trade-off between automation and the transparency and guaranteed nature of the direct buy by introducing something it calls "biddable IO." It takes up the subject in a new report released today.
  • Publishers Say Less Than 10% Of Digital Ad Revenues Coming From Programmatic
    A study from Operative of more than 300 advertising and publishing executives in the U.S. found that advertisers might be embracing automated buying, but publishers are feeling the strain as the actual work involved in "automation" falls on their shoulders.
  • Ad-Tech Vets Weigh In On Rubicon's Potential Options, Scenarios
    With the news last week that ad-tech stalwart Rubicon Project is exploring strategic options, including a sale, industry vets weighed in on their views of the situation.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk Says The Entire Digital Ad Space Is 'Broken'
    Leave it to Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, to drop a few bombs to shake up an audience. The serial entrepreneur told a gathering of industry types -- ad tech, agencies, and brand marketers -- that they're too obsessed with "math" and metrics, and they're not even the right ones.
  • How Might Data Dysfunctions In Presidential Politics Extend To Programmatic?
    Incorrect assumptions were made about the electorate based on 2012 polling data. So when it comes to data-heavy programmatic media and predictive analytics, what kind of skewed assumptions are being made about consumers?
  • The Potential For Real-Time Video Ad Insertion And VR
    What's the potential for real-time video ad insertion into live streams? And where does artificial intelligence fit into this picture? Kaltura has a few ideas.
  • Adsquare, TabMo Team Up For One-Stop Shop Mobile Advertising
    Programmatic mobile is on the move. The goal of the alliance to enable mobile advertising campaigns to target the right audience in the right context with a relevant message.
  • What's The Potential For Programmatic Video?
    At CES 2017 there were plenty of new gadgets and technologies, and also some decent talks with technology vendors, media agencies, and publishers about what lies ahead for programmatic video. OnlineVideo.net and VideoAmp, a video platform provider, teamed up to chat with these folks about the future of programmatic video advertising.
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