• Forget Programmatic: Could Email Be A More Effective Channel For Publishers Struggling To Monetize?
    Earlier this week, I wrote about Medium's job cuts and its decision to retool its ad and monetization model. Keith Sibson, VP of product and marketing at PostUp, a provider of email, social, and mobile tools for publishers, doesn't believe that programmatic ad revenue alone will solve Medium's or other other digital publishers' problems.
  • Facebook's Plan For Mid-Roll Video Ads Is An Interesting Proposition For Publishers
    Facebook's plan to show ads in the middle of its videos and do a revenue-sharing arrangement with publishers is an interesting one. Facebook, like any other media company, is looking to monetize its video inventory.
  • Medium's Williams: Ad-Driven Media Model 'Broken.' So Now What?
    Medium, the writer-friendly online publication, is searching for another way to get around the same-old ad-driven media model. What are the solutions?
  • How About A Shift To A Viewable Time-Spent Metric?
    Charlie Fiordalis, Chief Digital Officer at Media Storm thinks digital media needs to move toward a viewable time spent currency, and he sees more vertical integrations as viable, potential rivals to the Google/Facebook hegemony.
  • Will Dynamic Creative Have Its Moment This Year?
    More creative and media teams will focus on dynamic creative executions within the programmatic sphere this year, according to Kelsey Meuse, product marketing manager, dynamic creative, Sizmek.
  • Header Bidding Will Become Obsolete If Google Decides To Make AdX More Transparent
    Header bidding, a success story for programmatic media in 2016, may well be on its way out, at least according to Alex Bornyakov, founder & CEO of supply-side platform VertaMedia.
  • Real-Time Marketing Redefined; Publishers Will Offer Choice Of Compensation Models
    Real-time marketing remains confusing but it will be redefined in 2017, according to ShareThis CEO Kurt Abrahamson. Plus, we'll see a flight to ad quality this year as the value exchange between consumers and publishers becomes more transparent, according to Sourcepoint Founder and CEO Ben Barokas.
  • Madtech To Rule In 2017, When Multitouch Attribution Will Finally Take Hold
    Madtech, a mashup of marketing, advertising, and technology, will have the advantage over ad tech in 2017, according to Bombora's Marc Johnson, and multitouch attribution will finally take hold, along with much more data-informed creative, according to SourceKnowledge's Patrick Hopf.
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