Will Dynamic Creative Have Its Moment This Year?

Will dynamic creative have its moment this year? Kelsey Meuse, product marketing manager, dynamic creative at Sizmek, an open ad management company, thinks so.

Advertisers and agencies will see the need for dynamic creative this year:

Programmatic creative has invigorated interest in dynamic creative, but its full potential has yet to be realized, since the creative and data-heavy media-buying aspects of both agency and brand advertising teams have traditionally been siloed.

In 2017, we'll see more ad teams acknowledge the need for holistic planning -- and in turn, the creation of a unified dynamic creative campaign strategy that transcends mere programmatic buying.

Dynamic creative, which is where data meets creative so that advertisers can deliver personalized and relevant advertising to their target audiences, is already recognized as a necessity for cross-screen display campaigns. 

Dynamic creative optimization, which enables advertisers to serve the best-performing ad based on individual elements that resonate best for each independent target audience, will play a major role in programmatic creative strategies. We'll start to see a proliferation of dynamic creative emerge across different channels--from in-stream video, to out-stream, to native executions. With the increased focus on creative within programmatic channels, I expect to see more high-impact executions. Once reserved for direct placements or publisher sponsorships, interactive video ads and rich media will move farther into the programmatic arena, some through private marketplaces, and others through the open exchange.

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