• Ad Blocking Comes Full Circle: Online Bank Uses Newspaper Ads To Reach Blockers
    Blocking ads isn't new, but the rapid rise of browser-based ad blockers caught many advertisers and publishers by surprise. Now some interesting solutions are beginning to emerge that use analog media. In what may be the first campaign of its kind, European online bank Boursorama Bank has been running ads in French newspapers explicitly targeting online ad-blockers.
  • Local Broadcast 'Interface' Initiative Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again
    There's something ironic about a plan announced this morning by a consortium of local TV broadcasters to develop a standard interface to accelerate electronic trading with advertisers and agencies. The irony is that electronic media trading began with local broadcasters and it is now coming full circle. Remember "electronic data interchange"? How about "eBiz"? Not that either? Well, those were the ad industry's earliest attempts to trade media electronically -- beginning with avail requests and on through invoices, verification and on through payments and posting.
  • Fox News' Hannity Fights Back, Rallies Reverse Boycott Of Keurig Brand
    In an unusual -- maybe even unprecedented -- move, Fox News personality Sean Hannity is rallying his fans to attack a brand that dropped support for his show. In a series of tweets, Hannity has been encouraging fans who share tweets, social media posts and videos trashing Keurig coffee makers in retribution for Keurig dropping its sponsorship. That came after Hannity appeared to support Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of sexual activities with underage girls.
  • Simulmedia's John Piccone On Why TV Advertisers Are Finally Thinking Like Digital Ones
    A few months ago, John Piccone returned to Simulmedia to serve as its president and Chief Revenue Officer after a one year sabbatical at Innovid. Piccone, who has been with Simulmedia since its inception -- and with founder Dave Morgan during his earliest digital pioneering days -- now oversees a company that both buys and sells its own audience network, as well as licenses the power of its proprietary granular TV audience targeting system to advertisers and agencies. In the following Q&A, Piccone explains how the marketplace has been evolving and why it's finally time for TV advertisers to buy, …
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