• On The Upside...
    After one of history's greatest plagues, humanity abandoned a cocoon of medieval beliefs, cultural and scientific ideas flourished, art and science gained focus, feudalism gave way to capitalism, and religious dogma was replaced by rationality.
    Disruptions can be painful -- especially ones that involve existential crises -- but they also represent opportunities for positive change.
  • Necessity Is The Mother Of Taking New Roads
    In 2008 we published an article by the late Cornell University Professor Stephen L. Sass making a case that when it comes to innovation, disruption can be a good thing. Sass was a leading academic studying how humans adapt, and innovate, when they run out of something and need to replace it -- usually with something better -- for their own survival.
  • Helplessly Hoping, But Inextricably Connected
    In the past month I've seen remarkable examples of people coming together while physically distanced in ways they never could have while physically connected. A great example, if you haven't seen it, is the Italian youth choir's rendition of Crosby, Stills & Nash's "Helplessly Hoping." It's powerful, poignant, soulful, and inspirational precisely because the choir, which normally harmonizes in close proximity, is forced to do so in isolation via a real-time video interface.
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