• That Awkward Moment When FBX Scrambled Two RTB Companies In One Ad
    Two ad technology companies that specialize in real-time bidding (RTB) -- OpenX and The Trade Desk -- were this week involved in a minor gaffe on the Facebook Exchange (FBX). In the right rail sponsored ad section on Facebook, an ad for "real-time advertising" was displayed. The headline featured thetradedesk.com, while the image and accompanying text featured OpenX. Huh?
  • Run! It's The Sales Team Armageddon! Oh, Wait, It's Only Over There? Never Mind!
    When digital content company Demand Media announced that it will focus entirely on programmatic, cutting ties with its direct sales team in the process, my first thought was of a sales team doomsday. It's hard to go a week without hearing about the impact that programmatic media-buying is having on direct sales teams, but that doesn't change the fact that it's jarring to see a team actually get cut.
  • Federated Media Goes Full Programmatic And Declares Itself 'Sovrn' - Real-Time With New CEO Knapp
    Federated Media on Tuesday announced the sale of its content marketing arm to LIN Media and the rebranding of its programmatic arm to sovrn Holdings, Inc. Walter Knapp, former chief operating officer of Federated Media, has been named CEO of sovrn. He spoke with RTM Daily about the decision to sell the content marketing arm and focus entirely on programmatic sales, what the company actually does and where the media-buying industry is heading.
  • App-adaisical No More: Which Screen Is The 'First' One Again?
    From my point of view as a consumer, apps have been lackadaisical when it comes to advertising. Sure, advertising for apps has existed, but were you a little caught off guard when Clash of Clans ads started playing on your TV? The whole thing is blurring the lines between supposed first and second screens.
  • The Super Social Bowl
    The Super Bowl has turned into the Super Social Bowl. Crowdtap, a social marketing platform, polled 1,000 men and women on the topic of Super Bowl advertising before, during and after the game. The results make it clear that we can expect this year's Super Bowl to be even more social than last year's.
  • I Am Not A Geek, But I Play One When Querying Google
    I swear, I am not a geek. But I could hear myself sounding like one asking Google's top ad execs some tough, albeit incredibly wonky questions Thursday morning during a "salon-style" breakfast with the New York advertising press, making my peers wince and roll their eyes like they were chanting "Oh, Mandese" in unison. I actually felt bad, but it was a unique opportunity, because it's rare for the Googlers to go on-the-record in a public setting like that. So my colleagues may have wanted ot know about Google's plans for integrating with the Super Bowl, but I was more …
  • Turning 'RTM' Into 'Replay' Time Marketing
    The thing about real-time marketing is that the marketer must be always-on if they want to keep up with consumers stride for stride. But what if you miss something? Analytics will give you a snapshot of what you missed, but SessionCam takes it one step further: actual replays.
  • Programmatic Creative: Smart Application Of Tech, But Does It Truly Help With Scale?
    In Tuesday's "RTB Insider," Skip Brand provided an overview of "programmatic creative," and how CPXi is touting the method's ability to help marketers achieve scale. I would argue that it might be misleading to say it leads to scale, but that the application of programmatic technologies to the creative process is a logical next step for the industry.
  • International Adoption Shrinks U.S. Share Of Global RTB Market From 47% To 31%
    In just one quarter (Q4 2013), the U.S. saw its share of the global real-time bidding (RTB) market shrink from nearly one-half (47%) to about one-third (31%). But this is where stats can be misleading. Auction volume in the U.S. actually grew 6% last quarter compared to the previous quarter.
  • Don't Tell Anyone, But The Secrets Of Ad Technology Are Being Shared
    It didn't take long for the industry to begin reshaping itself. Keith Gooberman's decision to launch an independent trading desk equipped with a consulting component -- to teach advertisers and agencies how to trade in the programmatic space -- could be representative of the future of trading desks.
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