• How One Exchange Turned Cache Into Cash, Why It May Continue Doing So
    Weeks after a renegade digital ad exchange was forced to stop using a questionable new method to capture hundreds of millions of dollars worth of programmatic buys from advertisers, it's already thinking about resuming the practice. The method, which has been dubbed "bid-caching."
  • It's Still The Data, Stupid
    Data consumption per broadband household grew by nearly a third year-over-year, but it grew much faster among households still paying a flat rate to broadband providers.
  • Startup Finds Paying Consumers To Look At Ads Is About Value, Not Money
    Of all the existential issues Madison Avenue has had to grapple with in recent years, none seems so antithetical as new models that effectively bypass media altogether and treat the consumer as their own, first-person medium. And by that, I mean a "paid" medium. The industry has begun putting new-and-improved labels around the concept, calling it "rewarded," "opt-in," etc, but the bottom line is they are models in which an advertiser pays a consumer directly for engaging with and completing an ad experience.
  • Summertime, And The Grilling Is Sleazy: Brand-Safety Incidents Reported By RTB House
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it appears adjacent to the wrong editorial content, it can cost millions.
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