• Good Idea, But Ads.txt Isn't Exactly Crushing It -- Yet!
    When the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Tech Lab introduced ads.txt earlier this year, it was yet another noble attempt at industry self-regulation of untoward programmatic advertising practices. The idea was that, by incorporating a thin piece of ads.txt code, publishers could weed out third parties that arbitrage their ad inventory without their permission -- or, even worse, drive advertising impressions to "spoof domains." A good idea for sure, but one that requires compliance and scaled adoption for it to be meaningful. Several months into the program, the take rate so far is, well, meh!
  • It's Time To Regulate Facebook
    Facebook's tepid disclosure last week that Russian operatives placed thousands of paid ads on the social network doesn't go far enough, because it is longer just a "social network." It's now a news broadcaster on the scale of CBS News in its heyday. And it should fall under the same regulatory oversight.
  • Blockchain: Get Cautiously Excited
    There are still numerous questions to be answered about the true disruptive power of blockchain technology in digital advertising - but the scale is tipping in favor of those who see a bright future for the emergent technology.
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