• Why Did The Advertiser Cross The Road?
    This morning, another well-known advertising trade publication published a story questioning whether the Media Rating Council is "still relevant?" My answer: more than ever.
  • New Data Supports The Ad Industry's 'Herd Immunity,' At Least In Anglo Markets
    Evidence is mounting that the global ad economy -- at least in the Western World -- is shifting from recovery to expansion, and maybe even a boom. New data shows the major English-speaking markets expanded 25% in the first half and 52% in Q2.
  • Big News This Morning: The Utterly Predictable Collapse Of Long-Term Media Perspective
    Coming back from a self-imposed news blackout during an "off-the-grid" family vacation last week, the first thing that struck me was how utterly predictable the dumbfounded reaction of the U.S. news cycle can be when it comes to inherently predictable events.
  • Why The Ad Industry Needs More Of A Collective Consciousness
    It's little surprise that programmatic advertising underwrites lots of nefarious activities, including ad fraud, organized crime and publishers of misinformation. But who knew it was all being funded by legitimate advertisers? NewsGuard did.
  • How Madison Avenue Attained Herd Immunity
    Just a week after publishing our eighth upward revision in Madison Avenue's ad consensus, GroupM says they may prove "to have been conservative."
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