• Boo! 'Ghost Sites' Demystified Using A Predictive Approach
    Boo! It's Halloween, so RTBlog wanted to spook readers a bit. YuMe's Brand Safety & Traffic Quality chief Eric Bozinny explains how to identify and combat "ghost towns."
  • Google Offers Update On Its Shift To Dynamic Allocation Exchange Bidding
    Jonathan Bellack, Google's director, product management, offered an update on the company's shift to dynamic allocation exchange bidding, and discussed a new capability called Audience Guarantee.
  • Mediaocean's Smart Move To Automate Billing And Account Management With DSPs
    Mediaocean, a provider of workflow management software, announced it will integrate with four demand-side platforms (DSPs) to automate programmatic account management and billing for agencies.
  • Programmatic TV Prospects Appear Better With Proposed AT&T/Time Warner Tie-up
    Demand-side platforms are coming to the table with real budget for programmatic TV. A proposed merger of AT&T and Time Warner could only help things along.
  • Outlook Mixed On Implications Of AT&T Time Warner Tie-Up
    The $85 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner would be a historic deal and form a giant, to be sure. There are implications for advertising, programmatic TV, data, data-driven audience targeting, and more.
  • Go-Go Times For Ad Tech, Martech Job Opps
    Hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs, are available in the ad tech/martech sector. Their functions are more specialized than ever. Are these actual openings or are companies just testing the waters?
  • Ad Tech Sharpens Approaches To Data Targeting
    Ad tech iterates, at times, on a seemingly yearly or even monthly basis. What was yesterday's rage is merely a portion of tomorrow's advertising stack.
  • IAB Tech Lab Aims To Overcome The Divide Between Data And Creativity
    How did the IAB Tech Lab's new ad standard for dynamic ad content emerge? Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox and co-chair of the Dynamic Ad Standard Working Group, explains and shares why the standard is so important to the advancement of programmatic creative.
  • Analysts Remain Bullish On Trade Desk Post-IPO
    It is widely acknowledged that The Trade Desk's initial public offering (IPO) was one of the best-performing IPOs of 2016.
  • Programmatic Can Help 360 Video Reach Maturity In 2017
    The digital advertising ecosystem changes continually to keep up with new creatives and new applications of data. How will it cope with the advent of 360 video? While not completely mainstream just yet, Stephanie Gaines, VP of corporate marketing at multi-screen ad tech company YuMe, believes 2017 can be the year of 360 video.
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