• Can Ad Tech Solve The Media Believability Crisis?
    The ad industry is facing a new crisis and this one could well be an existential one, because it threatens the very foundation of all advertising: media. The crisis is one of belief -- especially as a new generation of advanced AI, precision data targeting and so-called "deepfakes" throws just abut everything we see into question. At least one innovative agency organization is seeking to get out in front of it and to see if some promising technology and human-powered startups can provide a solution.
  • Peak, Peakier, Peakiest
    Ten years ago, FX Networks benchmarked a "Peak TV" milestone revealing there were more hours of original scripted series than a person had time to watch. Ten years later, FX says the supply has grown 152%, which is why the future of media is actually "Pique TV."
  • This MediaPost Will Serve As Notification...
    Who knew World War III would begin with a tweet? But that's what the President implied Sunday, asserting -- in a tweet -- that was all the "notification" he needed to give Congress in order to launch a military strike on Iran, effectively thumbing his nose at the War Powers Act of 1973.