• Big Principal Holding Companies
    When is an agency a media-buying agency or a principal? It depends on who you talk to, and how they answer that.
  • Nearly Half Of Internet Users No Longer Use Linear TV
    That's up from just 22% two years ago, and sends a signal of just how fragmented the TV universe has become. It also raises new issues about what "connectivity" means in a digital-only media universe.
  • Microblog Pointing At Microblog
    This just in... SMS inventors Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert are suing Twitter over its "copycat" app. Well, not really, but if Twitter can sue Meta over for copying microblogging, why can't the engineers who invented it also sue Twitter after the fact?
  • Science Friction
    I was thinking about the science of media friction over the weekend because of the latest one being introduced on Twitter by Elon Musk: limits on the number of tweets someone can view.
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