• Ads.txt Expose Proves There's No Perfect Solution To Fraud, Except Vigilance
    The good news is that the Interactive Advertising Bureau's ads.txt initiative has seen remarkably fast compliance among the world's top website publishers doing business with big advertisers and ad agencies. The bad news is nothing's perfect.
  • Knowing Isn't Free
    I miss the days when I could just watch the Super Bowl, react to the ads and discuss them the next day around the water cooler instead of the real-time proboscopic breakdown analysis that the Big Ad Game has become. As I write this, my inbox already is getting flooded with numerous polls, "scientific" studies, and real-time metrics analysis purported to show what the best Super Bowl spots actually were. Personally, I found most of them underwhelming -- most likely because most have already been previewed in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday -- but also because they …
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