• Data In, Garbage Out: How To Avoid Turning Your Targets Into Trash
    The rampant availability of new sources of audience data -- and of data management platforms to organize them -- has created a kind of "Wild West" for audience targeting that requires buyers and sellers of media to think not just about the outputs, but the inputs that led to those conclusions.
  • Media Epidemiology
    One of the most surprising developments surrounding our coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic is the degree to which real-time marketing or media data has become a proxy for epidemiological data, revealing patterns of human behavior changing in response to the disease. First it was Google search and Amazon sales data ascribing how people were researching and preparing for it. But more recently, ad industry data developed for marketing and media planning have become leading indicators of a return to some normalcy.
  • When You Shower, Which Body Part Do You Wash First?
    One of the fundamental changes the COVID-19 crisis is having on the way we think, feel and behave is the role our personal hygiene plays protecting ourselves -- and others -- in an era of pandemics.
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