• Is Adland's Programmatic Knowledge Gap Due To Bright Things Leaving For Google?
    That's certainly how one very senior media buyer from a huge holding company's trading desk recently described it. Time for those remaining to get trained up?
  • Transparency On Data Will Show Brands What Automated Buying Can Do For Them
    It's clear why agencies and publishers like automated buying -- but until brands get better transparency around data, the same cannot be said for advertisers.
  • Is Direct Programmatic Lining Them Up For Private Mobile RTB Conversion?
    The latest figures could suggest that direct programmatic leads in building awareness while private auctions are taking over at the vital mobile stage.
  • Native + Exchange + Server =
    I've been meaning to write about Satish Polisetti ever since I met him last fall. Yesterday he gave me a news hook for jumping in, announcing that he closed the series A round for his venture, AdsNative. I met Satish while I was auditing a startup training program for an elite group of young agency execs at KBS+ and The Media Kitchen, and he immediately struck me as a person worth writing about. It just took me until now to figure how to tell his story.
  • In Blog We Trust
    It's official, "trust" is now the ad industry's most important buzzword. Based on data obtained by RTBlog, "trust" has overtaken "viewability," "transparency," "fraud," "ad blocking" and yes, even "data," for the No. 1 position. The data I'm referencing is proprietary and the method used to process it cannot be disclosed, so you'll just have to trust me on that.
  • And I Feel Fine
    Every so often a news event comes along that seems bigger than the news it is actually making. That's the way I feel about the news surrounding the ad-blocking features of Apple's iOS 9. I don't think people are reacting to the Apple news itself so much as it represents a tipping point for something that has been building for some time. The truth is that ad blockers have been around a long, long time. I would venture to say, as long as there has been advertising. But every time a new technology comes along that gives people more control …
  • Thanks Tyler
    Well, it's my first full-day of flying solo on the 'Real-Time Daily' beat without Tyler Loechner, so I might as well kick this post off by thanking Tyler for getting us to this point.
  • Sovrn Tells Buyers To Bring Their Own Standards To New 'Viewability Assurance' Program
    Supply-side platform sovrn on Monday announced it will begin guaranteeing viewability to ad-buyers "regardless of whatever viewability standard they require." The industry's adopted standard comes from the Media Rating Council, which calls for at least 50% of an ad's pixels to be in-view for at least one second (or two seconds for video ads). Some marketers have taken it upon themselves to boost that standard.
  • Programmatic Radio Enters Test Phase, But 'Tech Tax' Still Looms
    The Katz programmatic radio ad exchange is up and running in pilot mode, with Geico being the first named advertiser to buy an ad via the exchange. But what the news also shows is that the "tech tax" looms even in the new world of programmatic radio.
  • The Tweet That Wags The Market
    I've always been fascinated by the connections between Wall Street and Madison Avenue, especially where market data is concerned. It's one of the reasons why we created Real-Time Daily: To explore whether Madison Avenue could develop the same kind of rigorous market data that would enable our demand-side to trade more transparently and scientifically with its supply-wide counterparts. But today's column is about a different intersection between Wall Street and Madison Avenue: The application of media industry data on financial industry trading.
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