• Secrets Of A Not-So-Secret Society
    In my opinion, what is truly needed to organize the morass of TV's Big Data is the same thing I'd recommend for taming a much bigger universe of consumer data: a JIC. Right, I know what you're thinking -- "Just what we need, another acronym."
  • Will Header Bidding Go Away If Google Makes A Change?
    Google launched First Look for publishers, its own flavor of header bidding, not so long ago. It's not a true header-bidding solution because it doesn't sit on the header of the page. Still the bottom line is, if Google decides to make a change, all header bidding conversations come to a grinding halt -- and then we wait for the "next big thing" in ad tech to pop.
  • Programmatic Insider Summit Takeaway: Consider The Consumer
    As MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit wrapped Wednesday, it was clear that the consumer experience is one of the topics foremost on the minds of marketers and media professionals.
  • Outnumbered: Adblock Plus Exec Seeks To Set The Record Straight
    These days, nothing seems to elicit more angst in the advertising/marketing and publisher communities than ad blocking. RTBlog chats with Mark Addison of @AdBlockPlus.
  • We're Not At Best-Practices Stage Yet: The Complexites Of Programmatic
    Here in beautiful, sunny Arizona, the air is thick with brand marketers, agencies and vendors all looking to learn from one another about how to do programmatic successfully, about the pitfalls and complexities -- of which there are many. Yes, everyone's here to learn but they're also here to cut deals.
  • Is Amassing So Much Data Really Worth It?
    Will data acquisitions lead to more data-driven marketing?
  • 5 How-Tos For Real-Time Campaigns
    RTBlog spoke with Adam Padilla, President of BrandFire, an agency that creates real-time marketing campaigns, about creative challenges that marketers face when they're devising real-time campaigns.
  • Programmatic Knowledge Gaps Can Hurt Ad Biz
    In digital advertising, lack of expertise is often seen as a significant pain point in the industry, along with ad blocking, fraud, and a lack of transparency and attribution.
  • Transactional Transparency: It's Coming To Programmatic
    Header bidding, when used correctly, is a powerful tool. But what about all the costs associated with programmatic transactions of this kind? Publishers and marketers want to know where the money's going.
  • How Call Intelligence Can Fuel Programmatic Buying
    Invoca is a company you may not have heard of, but it's doing interesting work using call intelligence to help inform advertisers' programmatic ad buys. Essentially, call intelligence can help make a programmatic buy more successful.
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