• Rubicon's Novak Takes On Consumer Disrespect, Election As Programmatic Case Study
    Mari Kim Novak, global CMO of Rubicon Project and veteran ad-tech executive, was speaking with someone recently about the pace of change within the ad-tech space. The person told her: "The level of change we're feeling today will be the slowest we'll feel for the next 10 years." OK, if this is slow, what's fast going to look like?
  • PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel On Publishing And Its Blocker Problem
    PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel talks to Real-Time Daily about what his company has been doing since December's layoffs, as well as trends he's seeing.
  • Forbes' Ad Experiment: 'AdGate' And What's Next
    Forbes Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin is back with some updates on the site's ad-blocking experiment. Since Dec. 17, four million desktop visitors, or 42.3% of those asked, disabled blockers or whitelisted the site, says DVorkin. With blockers disabled, 63 million ad impressions were delivered.
  • Header Bidding, Programmatic's Flavor Du Jour
    In the programmatic media universe, you can't start a conversation these days without bumping into header bidding or ad blocking. Of the two, ad blocking seems to be the easier topic to discuss.
  • Programmatic TV's Here -- But More Education And Alignment Are Needed
    Hurdles remain for programmatic TV.
  • Watching Super Bowl 50 With Flashtalking's Real-Time Ad Tool
    What's it's like to update ads in real time during an event? Ad-tech company Flashtalking gave me a demo during Super Bowl 50.
  • Why Millennials Block Ads, In Their Own Words
    An eMarketer story last year reported two in three Millennials block ads. With this high rate in mind, I was curious about rationalizations behind blocking.
  • Intent Data Is Powerful Tool For Business Decisionmakers
    Tom O'Regan is CEO of Madison Logic, an eight-year-old B2B firm that's focused on digital brand and demand-generation solutions. The big differentiator here is that Madison Logic uses consumer intent data to help businesses make better decisions. Madison considers TechTarget, IDG and LinkedIn its closest competitors.
  • AppNexus Launches Headerbid Expert, A Chrome Browser Extension
    Independent ad-tech provider AppNexus on Wednesday announced the launch of Headerbid Expert, a plug-in available via the Chrome Web Store. The company believes the product will help publishers confront common challenges associated with header bidding and access multiple demand sources directly and efficiently.
  • Super Bowl 2016's Best Real-Time Tools
    Here is the lowdown on the real-time marketing tools that marketers can use during live events.
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