• Google AdX Leads RTB 'Trust Index' To Begin 2015
    In its second edition of the "Global Seller Trust Index" -- and the first of 2015 -- analytics platform Pixalate has deemed the Google AdExchange to be the most trustworthy seller in programmatic. Google AdX led the inaugural "Trust Index" as well. The "Trust Index" ranks 400 sellers by quality of ads sold via real-time bidding (RTB), based on network score, quality of inventory, viewability rates, fraud rates, engagement rates and masking.
  • Brands Prepping 'War Rooms' For Real-Time Marketing During Super Bowl
    Reuters notes that PepsiCo and Anheuser Busch will work with Twitter to create "war rooms" for real-time marketing at this year's Super Bowl -- a melodramatic term if you ask me -- but they will be far from the only brands attempting to take a piece of the pie. In fact, I've heard that some brands will be spending nearly seven figures -- and probably more -- to fuel their real-time marketing efforts for this year's big game.
  • DoubleClick, Marin Named 'Leaders' In Cross-Channel Marketing
    G2 Crowd, a software review site, has compiled a list of 10 cross-channel ad platforms based on reviews left on its site, concluding that DoubleClick and Marin Software are the two "leaders" in the space, based on market presence and satisfaction.
  • CEOs Not Seeing Big Picture On 'Big Data'
    Nearly half of CEOs believe that all of their employees have access to the data they need, but only 27% of employees agree. CEOs also overestimate how quickly "big data" moves through their company, with 43% of CEO respondents believing that relevant data is made available in real-time, compared to 29% of all respondents. That's according to study results from Teradata and The Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Forbes Top 100 Most Promising Companies Includes Several From Ad Tech
    When it comes to America's most promising companies, the ad tech landscape is not being overlooked. A handful of programmatic ad companies were included in Forbes' recent list of the 100 most promising companies in America. It's the fourth annual ranking, which requires the companies to be privately held and generate under $300 million in annual revenue.
  • A LUMA-style Depiction Of TV As It Collides With Digital
    The "LUMAscape" charts can often be a confused marketer's best friend when it comes to deciphering which company does what and when, and with the digital video and TV worlds colliding, WideOrbit, an ad management firm, created its own "LUMA-style" chart to depict the landscape. The picture alone is worth more than a thousand words, but there are some interesting things to point out.
  • comScore's Inventory Packages Blend Programmatic, Direct
    comScore this morning announced an initiative to bring pre-bid data to the programmatic marketplace, including RTB platforms. 'Real-Time Daily' covered the story at length, but the gist of it is this: Publishers will be able to package their comScore-verified inventory, which will then be made available to advertisers via programmatic ad platforms. It's an amalgamation of open exchanges, private exchanges, programmatic direct and traditional sales.
  • 'Tech Stacks' Comprised Of An Ad Tech Dozen
    As digital ad companies build their "ad tech stacks" -- with some advertisers building in-house tech stacks of their own -- the number of toolsets used for a data-driven marketing campaign continues to rise. On average, marketers use about a dozen different technologies in their "ad tech stack."
  • Asia Charging International Mobile Programmatic Surge
    As mobile ad traffic continues to rise overseas, so too does spend -- including programmatic spend. AppFlood, a China-based mobile ad exchange owned by PapayaMobile, says global mobile ad traffic on Android devices was up 30% in Q4 2014 compared to the previous quarter, with global mobile programmatic ad spend on Androids increasing 1379% in 2014 compared to 2013.
  • Another Telco Gets Its Hands On Ad Tech
    Axiata Group Berhad, a large telco company from Asia, has teamed with U.S.-based digital ad firm Adknowledge to get into the ad tech business. Telcos have found themselves attached to ad tech news with increasing frequency of late.
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