• The Breakdown Of Mobile Programmatic Buying
    Over half (57%) of advertisers are buying mobile ads via programmatic, with the majority of those mobile buys (35%) coming from agencies. Demand-side platforms (DSPs) account for 26% of all mobile programmatic ad buys. Trading desks accounted for 19%. That's according to an infographic released by Millennial Media earlier this week.
  • Programmatic Spend Up Across The Board; Travel, Telecom Verticals Become More Competitive
    Marketers continue to spend more and more on programmatic advertising, but no channel is growing as rapidly as mobile. Marketers spent 109% more to buy mobile ads via programmatic during the first four months of 2014 compared to the same period one year ago.
  • The Light Is Shining On Mobile Programmatic
    The ability to buy mobile ads via programmatic has been a topic of interest for well over a year now, and some recent news has brought the subject back to the surface. On Tuesday, Omnicom and Twitter struck a two-year deal worth $230 million that will see Omnicom's trading desk, Accuen, integrate with MoPub, the mobile ad exchange Twitter acquired last year. The fact that Omnicom will be buying ads on Twitter is not of particular interest, but how it will be buying is. The deal reaffirms the buy-side's willingness to commit to both mobile advertising and programmatic buying.
  • Automating The Hands-On
    How do you automate something that, intuitively, you would think requires human input? ReactX, an ad platform that entered the programmatic arena earlier this year with a focus on trading "high-impact, custom" ad units, recently announced new tools to audit the creative of ads flowing through its platform. I find it relatable to the "native advertising at scale" debate.
  • Alan Schulman Has A Brand New Bag, And It's An Automated One
    Alan Schulman, VP, global digital marketing & brand content, SapientNitro, surprised attendees during his keynote at OMMA Video this afternoon, announcing that "I've got a new job." Even more surprising, it's a title you've never heard of before -- but if his presentation is right, you will. "I'm in addressability at scale," Schulman, a long-time Madison Avenue creative executive, quipped. But it's not a job he may have much longer, he implied, saying, "We're automating ourselves right out of the idea business -- into the automation business."
  • Marketers 'Taking Programmatic In-House' Gets Real
    The majority of spend on demand-side platforms (DSPs) continues to come through managed services and networks, but their hold is giving way to trading desks and the marketers themselves. That's according to Casale Media's Index Quarterly Report Q1 2014, which looks at data from U.S. programmatic marketplaces.
  • Real-Time Marketing's Next Frontier
    Laura Henderson, associate director of media and communications at Mondelez International, believes "real-time marketers" in the social media space will look to move from static images overlaid with text serving as content to short-form video. "Nobody has really crafted real-time video," she said. "The notion of high fidelity, high-quality video content in response to what happens to the news is an interesting proposition."
  • Intrusive Intimacy
    "Technology lets us get more intrusive," said Judy Shapiro, CEO and founder of engageSimply. "But it also lets us get more intimate." Damn you, oxymorons that make sense! Shapiro was speaking on the "Rise Of The Robot Natives: Oxymoron Or Solution?" panel to close out OMMA Native at Internet Week New York on Monday. Given the topic of the panel, the subject of "programmatic native" came up -- something I've always thought is an oxymoron in its own right.
  • Essence Responds To Ad Tech With Appointment Of First Director Of Programmatic
    In a move that is indicative of the larger trend of agencies arming up for programmatic, digital ad agency Essence recently announced the appointment of Oscar Garza to director of programmatic and audience, North America. It's a new position at the company, and Garza will be responsible for making sure the agency's clients are using the right vendors for programmatic buys.
  • Programmatic To Account For 20% Of TV Ad Spend By 2018
    What real-time bidding (RTB) was to online display advertising in 2013, programmatic will be to television advertising in 2018. How's that? EMarketer projected that 19% of U.S. digital ad spend would be through RTB in 2013. Research firm Strategy Analytics on Thursday expects 20% of TV ad dollars to be spent via programmatic by 2018.
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