• Video Dominates Talk At AOL's Programmatic Upfront
    Video was the name of the game at last night's Programmatic Upfront event hosted by AOL, which I guess should be expected from an event with the word "Upfront" in it. But it wasn't just digital video: AOL was also plugging linear TV.
  • Programmatic Beating Its Already Lofty Spend Estimates
    The big news out this morning in the programmatic space -- other than the fact that Advertising Week kicks off, which "The Wall Street Journal' is dubbing the (Programmatic) Advertising Week -- was the updated tracking study from Interpublic's Mediabrands' Magna Global unit, which forecasts programmatic media-buying to reach $53 billion in global ad spend in 2018.
  • Okay, So I'm No Programmatic Genius, How About You?
    It's a good thing Tyler Loechner edits Real-Time Daily, and not me. That's because he understands programmatic ad technology better than I do. And he can prove it. Actually, he just did. The two of us just completed a "Programmatic Quiz" hosted by video SSP Altitude Digital, and Tyler scored an 86, while I only got a 78. In fairness, I thought some of the questions were kind of subjective and could have been interpreted in different ways. In even more fairness, most of the ones I got wrong weren't the ones that required interpretation, but simple knowledge about things …
  • Here's The Ad Sentiment Index, What's Yours?
    In 1975, J. Walter Thompson did a study estimating the average consumer was exposed to about 500 brand impressions each day. Today, Nielsen estimates it's more like 5,000. While it's unlikely anyone knows the precise number, everyone knows the volume of ads bombarding consumers -- from TV screens to out-of-home media to the devices in their very hands -- grows each day. Yet no one has tracked how this torrent of ad messages is impacting consumers' sentiment toward advertising, as well as the individual media that carry them. Until now, that is.
  • Political Programmatic
    The midterm elections are rapidly approaching, naturally giving rise to chatter -- and pitches, at least for reporters -- about political advertising. And the buildup to the 2014 midterms has brought with it more application of programmatic ad tech to political campaigns.
  • Millennial Acquires Nexage: What's Next For The 2 Exchanges?
    Mobile ad firm Millennial Media on Tuesday announced its plans to acquire Nexage, a mobile ad exchange and supply-side platform (SSP), for $107.5 million. However, with 80% of the deal's value tied to Millennial's stock price, Nexage is banking -- quite literally -- on a turnaround. Nexage is likely part of that turnaround plan, but Millennial is tight-lipped when it comes to the exact game plan.
  • We're No Longer Waiting To See Ad Tech's Impact
    Martin Sorrell may believe that marketers taking programmatic tech in-house and forgoing agency trading desks is "a temporary phenomenon," per "The Wall Street Journal" -- but that didn't stop WPP from this morning divesting its ad server in a deal with AppNexus to instead focus on "data, analytics and software applications." I don't believe there's a direct relation between Sorrell's comments and the AppNexus deal, but it's not hard to see the indirect connection.
  • Quitting Cold Traffic In RTB's 'Wild West'
    "If you're dealing with cold traffic -- traffic that has not already been qualified with a direct site visit -- I don't necessarily think that open RTB exchanges have the quality of inventory of quality of targeting available to be successful, if the goal is to drive a response," said Jonathan David, CEO and founder of digital media-buying agency Tapstone.
  • Twitter Focused On Audience-Targeting, Better Creative
    Twitter has become synonymous with "real-time marketing" -- at least, or maybe only, in the marketing world -- but it made some moves this week that should remind everyone that the social media giant has more uses than "send funny tweets during the Super Bowl."
  • Real-Time With New Chango CRO Lorizio On Branding Via Programmatic
    Real-Time Daily caught up with Keith Lorizio, the newly appointed chief revenue officer of Chango, a demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP), to talk about his new role and programmatic advertising -- particularly as it relates to branding.
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