Twitter Focused On Audience-Targeting, Better Creative

Twitter has become synonymous with “real-time marketing” -- at least, or maybe only, in the marketing world -- but it made some moves this week that should remind everyone that the social media giant has more uses than "send funny tweets during the Super Bowl." 

The first item: the company’s announcement of the rollout of additional audience-targeting tools, including the addition of “look-alike-only targeting” that lets advertisers target audiences that are similar to their existing tailored audiences.

The second item, and one that I think flew under the radar a bit: Twitter created a new partner group, dubbed Twitter Creative Performance Partners. One of those new partners, ShopIgniter, has made it easier for marketers to attach photos, video, and other lively media to their tweets. Twitter’s creative partners can let marketers programmatically test the impact certain creative has on tweets.



So Twitter’s two announcements this week were all about the trio that marketers always talk about: right person, right time, right message. Twitter’s announcements also reiterate the fact that media-buying has shifted, or is at the very least shifting, to audience-buying.

“The digital advertising marketplace is rapidly being shaped by the mass amounts of data we have available, and through social media, brands can take advantage of real-time moments with appropriate messages that resonate,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox, an ad platform with a focus on personalization.

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