• IAB: Ad Fraud, Device Measurement, And Attribution Continue To Be Key Issues In 2017
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has had a busy year working on standards and dealing with ad fraud, among other high-profile industry issues. Alanna Gombert and Dennis Buchheim of the IAB weigh in on what's to come next year.
  • Bidtellect CEO Eyes Convergence Of Programmatic And Content Marketing
    Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba thinks programmatic and content marketing will converge in 2017; eyes improvements in campaign measurement.
  • Thunder's Victor Wong Projects Increased Use Of CRM Data Onboarding, Death Of Expandable Ads
    Victor Wong, CEO of creative management platform Thunder, projects the increase of CRM data onboarding and the death of expandable ads, and is concerned about viewability driving down file sizes in 2017.
  • Prohaska Predicts At Least 2 More Holding Cos. Will Fold Trading Desks Back Into Traditional Media Teams
    Matt Prohaska, CEO & principal of Prohaska Consulting, predicts that at least two more agency holding companies will fold trading desk operations back into their media buying and planning teams in the year ahead. Plus, the percentage of fully integrated sales teams selling programmatically will increase from 5% today to 15% by year end 2017.
  • Drawbridge Sees Attribution, Identity-Based Marketing, Addressability As Key Themes For 2017
    Drawbridge looks to product-based attribution, identity-based marketing, and addressability as key themes for 2017.
  • DoubleVerify CEO Wayne Gattinella: 'Media Transparency Will Become Universal' In 2017
    DoubleVerify CEO Wayne Gattinella sees media and cross-screen transparency as imperatives in ad tech and the advertising industry overall in 2017.
  • PubMatic President Says Facebook/Google Duopoly Will Reach Tipping Point In 2017
    PubMatic President Kirk McDonald projects that in 2017, the Facebook/Google duopoly will reach a tipping point with advertisers that recognize they're pouring most of their ad dollars into these platforms.
  • MediaMath CEO Says Real-Time Marketing Needs Best Practices, Programmatic Needs New Business Models
    MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki eyes 2017 as a year to formulate best practices for real-time marketing, and create new business models for programmatic media. And, by the way, it's time to get serious about attribution.
  • Prediction: DSPs Will Partner To Cut Costs And Increase Efficiency
    The Trade Desk's CEO Jeff Green projects demand-side platforms (DSPs) will need to partner up to cut costs and boost efficiency, among other predictions for 2017.
  • MRC Releases Location-Based Measurement Guidelines For Public Comment
    The Media Rating Council (MRC) has been on the forefont of generating measurement standards and guidelines. Recently, it released a draft of its Location-Based Measurement Guidelines for public comment.
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