Thunder's Victor Wong Projects Increased Use Of CRM Data Onboarding, Death Of Expandable Ads

Victor Wong, CEO of creative management platform Thunder, is thinking about omnichannel marketing, the death of expandable ads, and viewability issues as he heads into 2017. Here are his projections for the coming year:

Marketing will become more omnichannel: CRM data will enable marketers to adopt paid media formats like display and social to deliver lifecycle messaging to consumers. They will use paid media to address consumers as prospects, loyal customers, and to reactivate customers who’ve fallen off. As more marketers being to adopt data-management platforms, and CRM data onboarding increases, marketers will need to rethink their creative strategies to deliver appropriate messages to customer segments throughout their customer journey.

Expandable ads die: The Interactive Advertising Bureau is already discontinuing some rich-media ad units like the Rising Star units. With the rise of ad blocking, expandable banners are in the cross-hairs. The consumer experience will drastically improve with fewer expandable ads.

Viewability drives down ad file size: Viewability concerns will drive ad file sizes and load times down. People begin to realize that the latency in loading an ad is leading to fewer ads being seen, especially on slower mobile connections. There will be more measurement with respect to this issue, and renewed focus on fixing the problem.

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