• As More Companies Make Programmatic Inventory Available, CPMs Are Rising
    Report finds average CPMs for premium video inventory in private marketplaces up 13% in Q1.
  • Outbrain Wants To Help Marketers Put Content To Work Across The Entire Funnel
    Outbrain wants to help marketers use content to drive better business results across the entire funnel.
  • Research Finds Streaming Media Players Have Highest Growth
    Research finds consumers' daily digital journey includes numerous device touch points. Sixty-four percent of game console owners own or use regularly a tablet. Eighty-one percent of users who own or regularly use a streaming media device own a PC.
  • Study Finds Existing Viewability Metrics Limited
    Viewability is now a top-of-mind metric for most marketers -- but it's also not the only one, according to a new study.
  • It Was A Banner Week For Canadian PTV Deals
    This was a banner week for media news coming from Canada: AOL's deal with Rogers Media to form a PTV marketplace; Videology's deals with Bell and Rogers for programmatic access and data.
  • Less-Interruptive Ad Formats May Lead To Less Ad Blocking
    With ad-blocking conversations in high gear, publishers are looking for emerging, engaging and non-interruptive ad formats. Is there such a thing as a non-interruptive ad? Maybe.
  • Viewability Is More Of A 'Commercial Discussion,' Says GroupM's Joe Barone
    Viewability is more of a "commercial" discussion while ad blocking is about the consumer, according to GroupM's Joe Barone.
  • Everyone Wants Multitouch Attribution. Now What?
    Overall awareness of multitouch attribution is fairly high, but hurdles remain in terms of advertiser adoption.
  • Standards For Auction Pricing Are Needed. What's The Answer?
    Programmatic approaches to media are quickly becoming the norm. Yet auction pricing is all over the place. Standards are needed.
  • How To Use Data To Create Compelling Content
    Rohin Dhar, founder and CEO of Priceonomics, believes a lot of content marketing falls flat because it's way too self-promotional.
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