• Ad-blocking Threat Redux
    A review of reader comments from yesterday's column on ad-blocking.
  • Do You Think The Ad-Blocking Threat Is Urgent? If So, What Are You Doing About It?
    Attend any industry conference keynotes or panels, hang out in corridors, listen to webinars or chat over lunch, and most conversations will turn to ad blocking. The fever pitch is rightfully high. Who cares about viewability metrics if ads are blocked altogether?
  • Starting Your Own Programmatic Trading Desk: Five Things You Need To Know
    Booyah Advertising, a full-service Denver-based agency, is an interesting case study in how a trading desk was built for programmatic media. I had a chance to hear about Booyah's approach to programmatic today during Momentous 2015, a day-long webinar put on by RocketFuel, a programmatic marketing platform provider. It was very interesting to hear Troy Lerner, president of Booyah, talk about the agency's experience with self-service programmatic media platforms. Lerner's experience is an object lesson for other agencies that are trying to build their own trading desks.
  • Insatiable Curiosity is A Good Thing: Never Stop Questioning
    I tend to be skeptical and insatiably curious at once. I also admit to being confused by all the programmatic acronyms and terminology.
  • Real-Time With Tobi Elkin
    Well, it was certainly a bummer to lose Tyler Loechner as editor of Real-Time Daily, but things always have a way of working out. In this case, the timing couldn't have been better, because it just so happened that former MediaPoster Tobi Elkin was game to come back home -- and to focus on the programmatic media marketplace too. Tobi and I spent this morning "white-boarding," which makes me think she's going to be approaching this far more strategically and with greater organization than I ever did.
  • 'Programmatic Is Not A Strategy'
    In the past several weeks, I've heard that exact quote from several different sources. It's usually followed by the line, "It's a tactic." I agree with the first statement. Sometimes I agree with the second statement. To me, programmatic is just a process. And it can be used strategically or tactically. Often though, it is used un-strategically and tactlessly. But it has nothing to do with the process. It has everything to do with how people use it.
  • What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
    Beginning today, readers may start noticing something different about our content. Hopefully, it will be better. One thing's for sure, you'll be seeing less of it. We are introducing some new processes -- programmatic ones and people ones too -- that are explicitly intended to do that, limit what you see from MediaPost. The machine process is pretty simple. The human one is where it gets interesting.
  • Coverage
    Originally, I was going to title this post "Universe," because that's what it's really about. But I decided it might seem derivative of a column we've already published -- "Universal Truth" -- that kicked off what is becoming a series of posts examining a single subject. You know, the universe. Especially the parts we can see, how we organize them and how they define the way we think, how we feel and what we do about, well, everything.
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