It's Black Friday -- No Surprise, Most Americans Are Looking For Deals Online

Well, it’s Black Friday -- so RTBlog imagines you’re out shopping, or maybe you’re just shopping online.

Apparently most people are shopping online. According to a survey by Deloitte, more than half of Americans are planning to use retailers’ Web sites, or sites that find deals to help them figure out what they’ll purchase. Deloitte, working with Statista, found that 58% of Americans will look for Thanksgiving weekend deals on dedicated Black Friday sites, and 57% on retailers’ sites. 

Notably, 37%, a good chunk of people, said they’ll look for deals in newspapers. Imagine that! Email came in at 31%.

But Deloitte also found that more survey respondents plan on shopping in-store (69%) than online (55%) on Black Friday itself. And more people plan on “webrooming” (63%), or looking at items online before buying in store, than showrooming (44%), for the holiday shopping weekend.

While about one in five (22%) of people plan to shop in stores on Thanksgiving Day, nearly seven in 10 (69%) said they won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving Day. This group finds spending time with friends and family more important than shopping. Amen. In addition, 67% don’t think stores should be open on Thanksgiving.

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