• Google Expands Native Ad Offering, Beta Test Of Exchange Bidding
    Google announced the addition of video to native ads in DoubleClick and Dynamic Ad Insertions to video on demand (VOD). Google also expanded its beta test of Exchange Bidding, which was announced earlier this year, to include mobile apps.
  • Ad-Tech Firms Appear On Ad Age's 'Best Places To Work' List
    Ad=tech firms make "Best Places to Work" list for 2016
  • A Contrarian View Of Viewability
    The issue of ad viewability has been front and center for more than a year. It's widely accepted as a standard for quality in the digital advertising industry. But many in the industry maintain that it doesn't guarantee that ad impressions are actually delivered to their target audiences.
  • The Impact Of Data And Polling On The Election Result
    Now that the votes have been tallied, the people have spoken, and we have a new President-elect, many wonder what effect a Trump presidency will have on business, and why getting data and polling right matter.
  • How The Nation Was Trumped... In Real Time
    What was dismissed as improbable, became a reality in the wee hours of the morning: Donald Trump is president-elect and will seek to lead a bitterly divided country. A real-time tally of the election eve's events.
  • Real-Time Election, Real-Time Influence?
    Finally, after more than 18 months of campaigning, tons of mud-slinging, polls, primaries, surreal circus-style debates, scandals, and hyperbole, it's now election day. Voter sentiment has been tracked and monitored in real-time via polling, sophisticated analytics, and social media mentions.
  • AT&T/Time Warner Merger: Opportunities And Potential Piftalls
    The combination of AT&T and Time Warner would mean a mega company that would own tons of content, a company that has a digital distribution infrastructure, cross-device data intelligence on consumer behavior, and addressable advertising technology. And that's just the beginning.
  • Real-Time Marketing Pain Points -- And A New Approach To Targeting
    Real-time marketing may sound simple, but it's anything but.
  • More Than Half of U.S. Marketers Think Martech Is Evolving Faster Than Their Use Of It
    More than half of marketers, 56%, think the marketing technology sector is evolving faster than their companies' use of marketing technology, and only 9% of marketers say their companies are outpacing the industry when it comes to technology adoption, according to the findings of a new study by Walker Sands.
  • Programmatic Buyers Worry About Inventory Quality And Transparency
    Seventy-three percent of all U.S. display ad spending will be transacted programmatically, according to eMarketer, but concerns about inventory quality and transparency remain.
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