• Why The 'Dark Web' Just Got A Little Darker (And Why You Should Care)
    Awesome -- now I can find all the inane things my friends are riffing about on Facebook with the real-time speed of a state-of-the-art search algorithm. Not. Put aside all the immediate second-day reactions to Facebook's "Graph Search," especially from agency pundits and industry analysts who justifiably see it as a new source of search advertising impressions, and potentially, brand conversions. That may or may not prove to be the case. What I'd like you to search for is the answer to this question: Who cares? Or an even more important question: Why should anyone care?
  • RTM Also Stands For Relevantly-Targeted Media
    It's only Day Two of RTM Daily, and I'm already thinking of repositioning what the acronym stands for. If you took the time to slog through yesterday's opening manifesto, you know the R and T stand for real-time, and the M represents media, marketing or any other meme you'd like to put in there. But based on some new research being released today on the effectiveness of real-time audience buys, I'm going to suggest we begin referring to RTM as, "relevantly-targeted media." The new research from mobile ad-buying platform Adfonic, shows that mobile ads bought through programmatic exchanges are much …
  • Real, Time
    Real and time. Two concepts that define much of how we think, but ones that are also defined, in part, by media. I've been writing about the way media influences people for most of my life, although most of it has been spent covering the part where money is made. As it turns out, that also happens to be the part that is having a big influence on the way people really think and for how long they think about it. That is the reason we are launching a RTM Daily, a new publication covering the shift from asynchronous models …
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