TV Campaign Combining Targeting & PTV Delivered 11 X Increase In Engagement

Programmatic provider DataXu ran a TV campaign with DWA Media, a global media and marketing agency that combined digital and programmatic TV. The campaign's result were striking.

It involved a global telco company that DataXu declined to name, and aimed to reach small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The campaign used data from TiVo to buy time on the right programs, networks, and dayparts. Notably, with the right audience data and regular optimization, the campaign achieved an 11 x increase in digital customer engagement vs. traditionally planned linear TV campaigns.

In addition, there was also a 2.4 x increase in reaching the desired SMB audience. Traditionally planned campaigns reported a decrease in SMB engagement.

The telco sought to apply a more targeted approach to its TV advertising. DataXu and DWA led the effort to show how digital advertising data can improve linear TV targeting, and enable advertisers to reach specific target audiences more effectively.

TiVo Research partnered with both companies to identify the networks and programs that SMB owners are most likely to watch.

DataXu launched and tracked the linear TV campaign exclusively through WideOrbit’s programmatic platform in specific DMAs, buying only the programs, networks, and dayparts identified by the audience data then optimizing weekly.

Essentially, this was a test of a programmatic TV campaign that used data science and advanced targeting to connect the dots between digital and TV audiences. The results clearly show that audience targeting, when done right (with optimization), is powerful.

“We’re at a point where advertisers can reach precisely the audiences they want to influence across the TV spectrum,” stated Joan FitzGerald, vice president of product management and business development, TiVo. “By combining TiVo audience data with programmatic technology, brands have a new tool in their arsenal to deliver their message.”

In the past, such a campaign would have required several spot buys across markets and providers. The companies pointed out that the efficiency of programmatic TV allowed for easy management from a centralized platform.

Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV solutions at DataXu, stated that smart marketers that use digital data to their advantage in TV buying can gain an edge. “The technology and know-how now exists to allow marketers to understand their customers across all devices, activate their first- and third-party audiences on mobile, desktop, and TV, and measure the impact of their campaigns regardless of how their customer chooses to engage."

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