• News Corp. Dumps Investment In Rubicon Project
    News Corp. dumped its 8% minority stake in ad tech firm Rubicon Project, according to an SEC filing on Friday. The media giant has transferred its interest in ad tech to AppNexus, which plans an initial public offering in the near term.
  • Breakthrough: Facebook Agrees To Be Audited By Media Rating Council
    Facebook's decision to allow itself to be audited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) is a positive move. In a blog post, Facebook announced its plans to be audited by the MRC in a bid to verify the accuracy of the measurement and metrics it offers its customers -- advertisers.
  • Ad Network Focuses On Socially Conscious Millennials
    Cause marketing isn't a new phenomenon. In fact, it's taken center stage as a way through which brands can build authentic relationships with their customers and target customers. Now, along comes an ad network that's targeting socially conscious millennials.
  • Dentsu Aegis Promotes Exec To Create New Data And Tech Products
    Agency holding companies and agencies, in general, have been busy realigning and positioning themselves to offer new data products to meet clients' needs. In this era of "data rules everything," Dentsu Aegis Network said it promoted Doug Ray, the U.S. CEO of its media agency Carat, to a new role with the goal of creating more integrated, custom agency services for clients across its network.
  • Omnicom's Accuen Trading Desk Sees Solid Growth In Q4
    While the forces of consolidation continue to roil the ad tech waters, Omnicom's Accuen trading desk appears to have posted strong growth in Q4, according to its earnings report.
  • Super Bowl Analysis: Traffic, Cost, Competition, Consumer Behavior
    Just in case you didn't process enough data from Super Bowl LI, ad-tech firm SourceKnowledge analyzed real-time data on the game, comparing this year's data to data from 2016 and 2015.
  • Real-Time Super Bowl, Real-Time Fun
    So what if Super Bowl LI didn't really get started until the fourth quarter and kicked into high gear in overtime? Some advertisers took the opportunity to film and broadcast their ads in real time, to the surprise and delight of fans. But Lady Gaga stole the night with a spectacular performance that lit up social media.
  • Where WIll Consumer Attention Be On Super Bowl Sunday?
    As millions of people across the U.S. prepare for Super Bowl VI this Sunday, where will consumers' eyes actually be? Skittering from mobile apps, games, feeds, to TV screens, and back.
  • Hiring: Women In Ad Tech
    Goodway Group, a managed services programmatic firm that works with local, regional, and Fortune 500 brands, said it's ramping up hiring efforts for 2017 with a special focus on women. Let the hiring begin.
  • Snap Inc. Prepares For IPO
    As real-time social platform Snap Inc. prepares to file for its initial public offering, some time next week, all eyes are on Snapchat. The latest projection is that the company could be valued at $25 billion, probably more when all is said and done.
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