Millennial Moms Look To Social For Brands

When Millennial women become moms, it is likely they will look for different brands, look at the brands they know differently, and will change how they search and seek out products online and offline. 

A new study via marketing firm Influence Central's consumer insights group, gauged the changes via a poll of 1,000 women, including Millennial moms and boomer and Gen X women. One major finding: Millennial moms are very social media conscious. 

Every one of the Millennial moms polled said they follow brands on social media, versus 58% of non-mom Millennials. Nearly 90% of moms said they enjoy it when brands interact with them online.

Only a third of non-moms said that. About 84% of Millennial moms said they follow brands’ social media channels in order to receive information from them and learn about deals and coupons --  compared with 54% of non-moms. While 90% Millennial women said they will research a product before purchasing, an even greater percentage of moms do so. 



Says Stacy DeBroff, CEO/Founder of Influence Central, "Increasingly, millennial Moms are willing to welcome brands into their friendship circles, both on social media and in real life."

In terms of peer reviews, 74% of Millennial moms said people whose reviews share specific examples, and seem to be simpatico to their own life, are most appealing to them. And 67% said they respond to the amount of detail in a review. 

Eighty-one percent of moms agree/strongly agree that they find the product recommendations of a blogger more authentic than a product feature in a magazine. Nearly half that percentage of non-moms feel the same way.

DeBroff tells Marketing Daily that moms want personal storytelling and first-person recommendations, and brands that recognize this will resonate, especially if they help moms collect authentic, first-person stories and experiences. She says brands can look for ways to update their websites and social properties toward better content. 

And reviews drive purchase: the poll found that 78% of moms agree/strongly agree that they are more likely to purchase a product if an influencer recommends it, compared with 53% of non-mom Millennials. And 74% of Millennial moms agree/strongly agree -- compared with 40% of non-moms -- they have sought out information on blogs about products they learned about through traditional media because they trust what they read on blogs.

And nearly 100% of the moms the firm polled said they post their own reviews, while about 82% of non-moms say they do. And they tend to post when they have something positive to say: 89% said they do so when they have a positive or strongly positive encounter.

In general, Millennial moms are apparently far more active themselves as influencers via social media. Eighty-six percent said they express opinions; 79% said they connect with the community; 72% said they give advice to others; 71% said they make brand recommendations; and 70% said they share stories with others. 

Which social platforms should brands use to reach Millennial moms? Mostly Facebook, which 92% of respondents said they check multiple times per day; 56% said they do so on Instagram; 49%Twitter; and 42% check Pinterest multiple times per day.

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