Buyer Bullseye: Why Millennial Moms Are Still A Top Target For Marketers

Millennial moms are among the most sought after consumer groups, holding an estimated $3.1 trillion in spending power and accounting for 77% of the purchase decisions within the household in general, according to eMarketer. They’re also more digitally savvy than marketers might realize, as evidenced by Hallmark's recent targeted holiday campaign that sponsors a branded geo-filter on Snapchat, a platform where Millennial moms are actually among the highest-growth audiences. 

This is exactly why millennial moms have been the focus of multiple research studies over the past year with the mutual objective of learning how to better reach these valuable buyers. Below are some of the more interesting findings related to this segment’s mobile, shopping, media usage and social behaviors. 


• 90% own smartphones today, versus 65% only three years ago. (Baby Center)



• 81% of millennial moms researched or purchased items via on their phones while shopping in-store this year. (BabyCenter/IAB)

• 36% buy products they pin on Pinterest via mobile devices. (AcuPoll/Ahalogy)


• One in four millennial moms do half or more of their shopping online. (BabyCenter)

• Grocery shopping is still an in-store event. (BabyCenter/IAB)

• Millennial moms asked for a product recommendation an average of 9.6 times per month compared to the 6.3 times for moms overall. (Weber Shandwick)

Media Usage:

• One-third of millennial moms have listened to a podcast. (Edison)

• Moms spent 0.24 minutes online in 2000, and now spend a whopping 3:07 minutes daily in 2015. (Edison)

• 64% of millennial moms subscribe to YouTube channels. (MediaPost)

• 86% of moms watch videos on Amazon. (MediaPost)

Social Media:

• 100% of millennial moms follow brands on social media. (The American Genius)

• On average, millennial moms have 3.4 social media accounts, versus the 2.6 for moms in general. (Weber Shandwick)

• 78% have visited food brand's social pages in order to find recipes and tips.

• 90% of moms post product reviews on social media occasionally or often. (The American Genius)

There is no doubt moms will continue to be a key target for brand marketers, even as dads take on more responsibility in the family. And mobile and social will also continue to be the key tools for moms looking for easy access to information that helps simplify their busy lives.

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