73% Of Marketers See Email Delivery Issues Due To Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate data continues to impede email marketers, with three out of four companies experiencing delivery issues within the past year, according to Experian Marketing Services.

Experian reports that email volume in the third quarter of 2015 rose 24.8% compared to the previous year, but gains in unique opens and clicks were not as dramatic. Unique opens rose from 16.7% to 17.5%, and unique clicks remained consistent at 2.1%.

Some 37% of brands increased their email profit year-over-year, yet Experian reports continuing email marketing data frustrations. Marketers reported issues maintaining their own email database, as well as delivery issues with Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Although 80% of marketers responded that they had a data cleansing program in place, only 20% said they process it in real-time once the address has been captured. Sixty-four percent of invalid email address can be attributed to human error, according to Experian.

Among the repercussions of data inaccuracy, 37% of marketers responded that they hit a spam trap, 29% experienced trouble reaching their intended recipients, and 20% received customer complaints.



AOL, ATT, and Gmail have the highest inbox percentages among service providers, while Yahoo and Hotmail both rank under 25% in delivery placement.

With the holiday rush likely to produce a multitude of new email addresses for marketers to engage with, Experian suggests that marketers validate new email addresses; remove hard bounces; check for duplication and honor opt-outs, track delivery metrics to address any data or ISP issues proactively, follow all local anti-spam and regulatory laws, and identifyi email addresses that are active with other brands but inactive with theirs. 

Experian surveyed 200 businesses and conducted a data quality analysis across six verticals, including business products and services, consumer products and services, media and entertainment, multichannel retailers, publishers and travel.



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  1. Nathan Elward from Aritic, May 3, 2016 at 11:14 a.m.

    Yes Jess.. Inaccurate data creates huge drop in email delivery rates and open rates.. Continuous tests and corrective measures are the biggest way out for these. Take the case of SMTPs for the matter. Not every SMTP can deliever to every type/segment of email subscribers. But still companies keep sending. Micro Deliverability is the new concept in the market which is taking care of this very well. Here is where you further get deep into usage of various SMTP, ISP and then segmenting on basis of results and sending accordingly. This is simply great for email deliveries as they are more accurate and delivery rate is shooting up. But we need to understand this concept better to be able to use it better. Here is an interesting and insightful read that I came across https://easysendy.com/blog/the-concept-of-micro-deliverability-in-email-marketing/ Thanks, Nathan

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