Twitter Patents Social Media Drone

Oh good lord. If you thought drones have nothing to do with social media, think again: Twitter is bringing these trendy tech topics together with its design for a new social media drone. The company filed for a patent on the drone that was granted last week, according to CNBC, which first reported the news.

According to the patent filing, the drone would be able to hover near the user and take pictures and videos that could then be posted to social media accounts, including Twitter of course. The user would be able to control the movement and stream live video through services like Twitter’s Periscope.

Although Twitter isn’t sharing too many details about their plans for the social media drone -- including whether it will ever actually be built -- a spokesperson gave CNBC a hint with the statement, “Two words: Drone selfies.”

The news comes as the government moves to regulate privately owned unmanned aerial vehicles, which have proliferated over the last few years and are now used for everything from farming to journalism and pro sports coverage.



This week the Federal Aviation Administration issued a new rule requiring private drone owners to register online, in the hopes of acquainting them with the rules governing aircraft in the United States. Among other things, these rules prohibit privately owned drones from flying near airports, over stadiums and sports events, or approaching emergency response efforts. They also forbid drone users from operating the vehicles while under the influence.

It costs $5 to register a drone online, but the FAA is waiving the fee for the first month the new rule is in effect, until January 20.

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