BPA Forms Interactive Committee

  • January 26, 2005
BPA Worldwide and partner I/PRO Corp. have formed an Interactive Advisory Committee (IAC) made up of executives representing leading interactive advertisers, agencies, and Web site owners. The committee will advise BPA on issues relating to Web site traffic measurement and verification, and review and make recommendations on auditing requirements and procedures and data reporting formats. As is standard BPA practice, those recommendations will subsequently be reviewed by BPA's other worldwide committees, the executive committee, and the board of directors.

The committee will also act to advocate industry adoption of Web site traffic data standards. In addition, it will serve as an outlet for the exchange of ideas and training for the industry.

The IAC will meet at least twice per year, and more often as necessary. Committee members, like all BPA committee members, will serve serve three-year terms on a volunteer basis, serving a maximum of two consecutive terms.

-- MS



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