Mirren's 'Simply Put' Highest-Rated Super Bowl Spot

The highest-rated commercial moment of Super Bowl 50 went not to Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Monkey Baby,” Heinz’s “Weiner Stampede” or any of Doritos’ sight gag spots, but to the unlikely contender of actress Helen Mirren’s tongue-in-cheek “Simply Put” spot for Budweiser, according to comScore’s second-by-second ratings of the Big Game.

comScore did not release explicit Super Bowl commercial ratings -- which are derived from Rentrak’s digital set-top audience data -- but said Mirren’s spot indexed a 116, the highest ratings index of all the spots in the Big Game. The average spot indexed at 100.

Other top second-by-second rated ads included Kia’s “Walken Closet” and Jublia’s “Best Kept Secret,” which each had a 113 index.

While agencies and brands cannot buy individual seconds during the Super Bowl coverage, each second was worth as much as $166,667 based on CBS’ top rate of $5 million per 30-second unit.



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