A Passion For Innovation

Healthcare is evolving. It’s shifting due to consumer need. This requires constant navigation and innovation to ensure that relevant solutions meet today’s consumer requirements. This is our passion. It’s the passion for innovation that we have for our work and the Point of Care. This drives us forward.

Our job is to bring solutions to clients. Our job is to empower the consumer on their health journey—from the Point of Care and beyond. Be a part of our passion, be a part of the vision for the future. 

Let’s take a look at some innovative things happening at the Point of Care:

A New Way of Storytelling

We know that content matters. Content connects. We understand that the right content elevates. We are seeing a revolution in connecting at the Point of Care—storytelling. Storytelling is a highly curated, first-person documentary that is captivating and relatable. Because a disease or illness can affect not just one, but a population, storytelling provides education in a way that engages and allows for better interaction. This relatability results in better consumer involvement with their health and helps to elevate conversation with their doctors, which in turn, helps to facilitate a better health outcome. 



Healthcare Everywhere

Technology has completely transformed the Point of Care as we see it today. Health is personal, and with our mobile devices, we are always connected to insight and information. It’s the right content at the right time that empowers the consumer during their health journey. At the Point of Care, we want to educate and arm consumers with information everywhere and in every way. From digital TV, to tablets, mobile and more, healthcare is everywhere—even at the Point of Care. 

Innovative Partnerships

Point of Care media companies are partnering with like-minded organizations to maximize reach and improve communications in healthcare. These smart partnerships allow for strategic sales opportunities and cross-marketing platforms at multiple touchpoints during every moment of a consumer’s health journey. 

These are the innovative things that I see happening at the Point of Care. Let’s continue to push the boundaries and see where we can take healthcare at the Point of Care. 

At the end of the day, we all have a passion to innovate.

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