Household Spending Priorities Change Over 50 Years

Household Spending Priorities Change Over 50 Years

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as analyzed by American Demographics, while household spending has increased over the last 50 years, spending priorities have changed. More than half goes to the house and car at the expense of food and alcohol, almost five times as much for education, and entertainment as popular as ever.

Average U.S. household Spending Allocation (% of total unadjusted for inflation)

Total annual HH spend$3,925$5,431$8,601$21,975$30,692$40,817
Housing 25.8%29.3%29.4%30.4%31.4%32.9%
Transportation 13.815.124.019.617.819.1
Food & alcohol32.526.022.616.215.214.0
Health care
Entertainment & reading5.
Apparel 11.510.
Other 5.5%6.8%4.6%16.3%17.1%16.8%

Source: and American Demographics Analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data

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