Taradel Launches Integrated Snail Mail, Email Solution

Taradel, LLC launched an integrated email marketing and direct mail service on Monday to deliver cross-channel marketing to geo-targeted prospects.

The new service adds email marketing to Taradel’s Every Door Direct Mail technology and delivery service, enabling marketers to target consumers with both physical and digital marketing messages.

Leveraging geolocation services, advertisers can market to specific groups of customers in defined geographic regions. Additional product features include triple opt-in and verified email addresses, responsive HTML design coding and post-deployment performance analytics reports.

Taradel, a marketing software and analytics company, targets prospects with an automated campaign of three separate email messages combined with one physical direct mail advertisement. Adding credibility to Taradel’s new offering is the company’s partnership with both the U.S. Postal Service and Canada Post.

"When a consumer receives an offer in their mailbox, it's powerful," states Chris Barr, director of marketing for Taradel. "They are forced to interact with the advertisement, which generates tremendous awareness about the product or service. But when someone sees your offer in their mailbox, and their email inbox, it's even more powerful. It's a much deeper connection that can span the course of days, and even weeks."

Taradel created its integrated email marketing and snail mail service based on popular demand, CEO Jim Fitzgerald states in a company press announcement.

The 2015 DMA Response Rate Report suggests that response rates for direct mail are higher and more expedient than email. The study illustrates that direct mail has an average response rate of 3.7% with a house list and 1% with a prospect list. Email, on the other hand, has a response rate of a tenth of 1% for both house and prospect lists.


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