Publishers Want Ad Networks To Improve Payments

Publishers stick to ad networks when they are satisfied with the payment experience, according to a new study by Tiplati, provider of a payments automation platform.

“Ad Networks Publisher Satisfaction Survey” polled over 250 publishers and site owners worldwide recruited from LinkedIn.

It found that ad networks are in need of improving payment status communications and providing better access to self-service tools.

"Ad networks need to consider the importance of their payment experience, ensuring that timely, accurate payments are made and that payment status is clearly communicated.

"In the highly competitive digital media landscape, the research highlights that their payment experience can make the difference in attracting and retaining the best publishers,” stated Chen Amit, CEO and cofounder of Tipalti.



Being paid on time and accurate is the top payment issue experienced by publishers, according to the survey's findings.

Nearly half (48%) of all the publishers in the study have dropped an ad network because of a payment issue. Another 46% that haven’t dropped a network before said they would end the relationship if payment problems cropped up.

Over half (52%) of publishers said their biggest issue with ad networks in the last 12 months was late payments.

Publishers also valued active communication with their ad networks. For example, about 75% of the publishers polled said it was “very important” to get an email notification when a payment status changed.

“Employing operational best-payment practices, such as improving publisher on-boarding, offering publishers a secure portal to check their payment status 24/7, immediately notifying publishers about payment progress or issues, and providing a range of payment methods and currency choices, will ultimately lead to better publisher quality and, as a result, a better ad network,” Amit added.

Half of the participants in the study said they were part of five or more ad networks. The “Ad Networks Publisher Payment Satisfaction Survey” was conducted by Tipalti in February and March 2016.
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