The Queen Is Hiring A Social Media Manager

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (or someone who makes these decisions on her behalf because she could care less) has decided the monarchy could use a little help on social media, it seems. This week Buckingham Palace posted a position serving as social media editor with the Royal Household, the organ which handles these sorts of details so the queen is free to continue being queen, unimpeded by this nonsense.

The Royal Household is advertising the job of Head of Digital Engagement with a salary of up to £50,000 (around $71,000), but clearly many of the attractions of working with the queen are non-monetary in nature, as with the British aristocracy in general. The sheer prestige afforded by proximity to the world’s best-known monarch would probably be sufficient inducement to many.

The help wanted ad isn’t shy about the prestige thing: “It’s knowing your content will be viewed by millions. It's about never standing still and finding new ways to maintain The Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional.”

The listing describes the basic duties, which should sound familiar to many a summer intern: “Whether you’re covering a state visit, award ceremony or royal engagement, you’ll make sure our digital channels consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences. With an eye to the future, you’ll work to hone and shape our digital communications through sharing best practice, understanding new technologies and stimulating creativity.”

The queen currently has around 5.3 million followers across social media, a relatively modest number given her fame, suggesting there is plenty of potential for growth, assuming a more active stance in terms of content and interaction.

The potential fan following is by no means limited to Britain. By one measure there are at least 300 million “fans” or enthusiasts who follow the British monarchy around the world: that’s the number of viewers who tuned into the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011, including 23 million Americans (estimates of two billion global viewers seem rather a stretch).

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