SunChips 'Laughalizer' Profiles Fans; Ties To Nonprofit

Frito-Lay’s SunChips is combining yuks, psychology and cause marketing to generate social media engagement.

Its “Waves of Laughter” campaign offers a “Laughalizer” developed by experts in gelotology, the study of laughter (you knew that, right?). 

Users are asked to visit and view a short, funny video. The program analyzes their primary personality traits based on their laugh profiles. (Those who prefer not to provide access to their device microphones can still participate by answering some questions about their laughs.) 

There are 12 personality profiles, including “charming,” “likable” and “mischievous.” 



Each time a user shares his or her “laugh-print” on Facebook or Twitter, or by email, SunChips will donate $1 to Step Up, a nonprofit devoted to helping girls from under-resourced urban neighborhoods become “confident, college-bound and career-focused.” The brand has committed to donating up to $100,000.

The Laughalizer is currently being promoted on SunChips’ Facebook page.

The campaign aims to help consumers “celebrate their most authentic selves through something irreplaceable and special —their laughter," said Tyler Chapman, SunChips VP of marketing.

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