In Video, Boomers are #1

Would you guess that video content is more popular among Millennials than Boomers? Guess again.  

Recent research from BuzzStream and Fractl on generational use of content tells us that the #1 content form that Boomers share is video, and they share video content more than either GenXers or Millennials. If you are trying to reach Boomers (or any consumer over 45), you’d better make video a part of your plan.

Boomers are #1 Consumers of Digital Content 
The few marketers who still question whether digital is the way to reach Boomers, must be relying on their own stereotypes of older people rather than real life. It turns out that Boomers are in fact the #1 consumer of online content.  Over 25% of Boomers consume 20 or more hours of online content each week.  Nearly 45% of Boomers consume more than 15 hours of content each week; less than one-third of GenXers and Millennials do the same. 



Facebook is THE content-sharing platform
If you can invest in only one platform for content sharing, make it Facebook. Over 60% of Boomers prefer Facebook for sharing, four times more than they (or GenXers or Millennials) use Youtube, Twitter or any other platform. 

Video has become the #1 form of content every generation likes to share, but Boomers share video more than other generations. 27% of them say it’s what they share most.   We have seen big growth in video bloggers aged 45+, and we’ve been employing them in greater numbers for influencer campaigns.  Now our clients will know why.

Keep it Brief
Does this post seem shorter than usual?  That’s by design, since it turns out that Boomers also prefer content that is less than 300 words. (In fact, they like their content shorter than GenXers or Millennials.)

I just wish it could be a video.

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