• Customer Myopia: Is The Boomer Customer King?
    There is a Baby Boomer customer crisis in America, and many companies don't know it. The spoils will go to those companies who perceive the crises and out-connect and out-service their competitors.
  • Why Marketers Must Embrace The Boomaissance
    I recently got a text from my 60-year-old, Italian mother. I assumed it was about one of our usual topics of conversation: updates on my quirky aunt, new songs she could listen to during aerobics classes, or what type of pasta to bring on her next visit to New York. Instead, what I received said, "Do you want to go to a music festival with me and dad?" followed by a generous series of music-themed emojis.
  • Useful Apps For Boomers Continue To Grow
    Just over the horizon are a slew of new apps and services that are perfect for Boomers and seniors, but you may not have heard of them yet. Here are our top picks for new apps that could make a big splash.
  • To Win Someone To Your Cause, You Must First Reach Their Heart
    Steve Jobs once said, "The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller ..." Abraham Lincoln also said, "In order to win a man to your cause, you must first reach his heart, the great high road to his reason."
  • Boomers And The Sharing Economy
    The term "sharing economy" has become a buzzword over the last few years, as services like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Task Rabbit and others have become popular with people of all ages. All of these businesses share a common theme; they connect people directly to services by disrupting an industry that is already in place.
  • Marketing To Boomer Women: Adding A Complementary Treatment
    One of my favorite authors and presenters on marketing to women is Marti Barletta. Her publications, presentations and consulting expertise provide the definitive work on marketing to women and Boomer women. If your target is 50 to 70-year-old women, you may want to visit an article I wrote including Marti's thinking on marketing to women in general.
  • Recognizing Subtle Ageism
    Recently, I was speaking with a client about the issue of subtle ageism in adult marketing. She was particularly fascinated by the reactions that people had when they learned of her father's passing. The first question nearly everyone asked was, "How old was he?" Her response was brilliant: "Why does it matter?"
  • Boomers Are Engaging On Facebook. Are You?
    While many associate social media with Millennials and Gen Z, Baby Boomers are also heavy users of these channels, with Facebook being the biggest for the demographic. According to Pew Research Center, of the 79% of Americans who were Facebook users in 2016, 72% were between the age of 50 and 64. They are also highly engaged users. One survey found the group 19% more likely to share content on Facebook than any other generation.
  • Understanding The Fickle Adult Beverage Consumer
    Many of us will head to the grocery store for Memorial Day to pick up a few items and, inevitably, that includes grabbing beer, wine or a spirit product. We have our list in hand and a pretty good idea of what we're going to buy. But something happens to 21% of us while in the store: We change our mind.
  • Grandma Still Thinks She's Grandmaster Flash: Designing For Seniors
    Awhile back there was a wave of adorable grandmas tagging themselves as rapper Grandmaster Flash - albeit inadvertently. While simply a humorous footnote to those less adept at using technology, it brings up the important point that when designing for seniors we need to make recognize the difficulties they may face.
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