• A Puppy for Christmas? Becoming 'Pet Parents'
    The image occurs in at least one commercial every holiday season: Children come running down the steps on Christmas morning to find that Santa has placed a furry little bundle of joy under the tree. Okay - we're talking to and about Boomers here, so let's fast forward a few years or decades.
  • Brain Health And Preserving Digital Assets
    There are two firms that are making breakthroughs in important areas of Baby Boomers' lives. One is in brain health, and the other is in preserving historical family assets digitally. As a marketer, it is important to understand, connect and engage your target audience. These two companies are creating engaging campaigns, and understand how to connect emotionally with their Baby Boomer audience. Engaging photos are important and relevant but so is the copy. Below in quotes is the copy used to connect and tell a story.
  • Why Women Hate The Cosmetic Industry
    A recent survey of women over 45 confirms what the cosmetic industry wishes weren't true: most of the gazillion dollars spent targeting the 40 million Boomer women in the U.S. are just making them mad.
  • Happiness: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
    Baby Boomers continue to gain momentum as a consumer group while eroding the notion that targeting people age 50+ doesn't pay off. Increasingly, brands are seeing Boomer marketing efforts deliver meaningful ROI. In a recent survey conducted by the Online Publishers Association, a majority of ad agencies and marketers identified Boomers as a must-reach segment for brand-focused digital campaigns.
  • Marketing: 10 Tips To Increase Your Success Rate
    Although all of us have basic values and motivators that drive us, we manifest them differently as we move through the spring, summer, fall and winter of life. Marketing and selling to Boomer and older customers is different primarily because of this shift in values. Our need for identity, relationships, purpose, gaining knowledge and growth, rejuvenation and recreation are always with us, but as we grow older, we focus more on having meaningful experiences, rather than gaining material goods.