Brain Health And Preserving Digital Assets

There are two firms that are making breakthroughs in important areas of Baby Boomers’ lives. One is in brain health, and the other is in preserving historical family assets digitally. As a marketer, it is important to understand, connect and engage your target audience. These two companies are creating engaging campaigns, and understand how to connect emotionally with their Baby Boomer audience. Engaging photos are important and relevant but so is the copy. Below in quotes is the copy used to connect and tell a story. 


“We’ve all grown up with a home thermometer to take our temperature when we feel ill. If our temperature is too high, we call our family doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, if necessary. However, there has not been a simple home-based tool to help us get a read on our brain health so we know when to relax and when we should get help.”

Learn More about Cogniciti and their incredible brain health work through this video. For millions of adults with memory worries of their own and for millions more who are concerned about helping a loved one who has started to experience memory loss, the online Brain Health Assessment will change this by allowing people to take a simple test to determine if they should see their doctor.”



Preserving Digital Assets, Gen-Ark makes it Easy

If you think about how much family photos and historical or sentimental family documents mean to people, then you also understand how much preserving the most interesting and important pieces of a family’s memorabilia and history will mean to future generations.

“Heirs will be overwhelmed with the time-consuming tasks of rummaging through boxes of old documents and photographs which lack description, or the technical challenge of trying to access and sort through your old digital files stored in old file formats on some kind of removable media with a limited shelf life.” There is more information on Gen-Ark Preserving Family History for Generations online

The brands that understand, connect and engage their audience will earn more of their share of wallet, brand loyalty and referrals. They will also advertise where Baby Boomer’s spend their time – online. The fact is Baby Boomer’s spend more time and money online each month than Gen X or Gen Y. 

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