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Nancy Padberg

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VP Global Marketing, Board Member of Navigate Boomer Media, Baby Boomer media expert, MBA Pepperdine University, Energizer, Leader, Builder of healthy and high performance cultures, Speaker, Former Big 12 Golfer.

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  • Media Buyers, Get To Know Them, And See Sales Soar in Engage:Boomers on 05/20/2013

    Baby Boomers, aged 48-66, hold 70% of the U.S. wealth. They drove the growth of Facebook and now mobile. They are online, they have life-changing needs and passions and money to spend. They have embraced technology and the Internet. They are spending 40 hours per month online.

  • Traveling And Reading in Engage:Boomers on 04/15/2013

    Consumers ages 48 - 66 -- officially known as Baby Boomers in marketing speak -- love to travel. They have the resources to do sol. Baby Boomer consumers purchase 80% of the luxury travel and over 60% have their passports. There is a pent-up demand for travel from years of our recession.

  • Searching For Less Stress And More Living in Engage:Boomers on 03/18/2013

    Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers are stylish, active and resourceful. They grew up with an active mindset that changed culture, music, art, civil rights, politics, media, sex and relationships. They are now ages 48-66 and are searching for less stress and more living. They may be an empty nester, married, divorced or a grandparent. They prefer less traffic, fewer taxes and more fresh air and exciting activities. They are going back to school, volunteering, exercising regularly and feeling younger then their driver's license IDs.

  • Understanding Life Cycles Will Increase Sales in Engage:Boomers on 02/25/2013

    Baby Boomers are spending more time online each week, 15 hours vs. a teenager's 13 hours per week. Overall, digital advertising will receive an estimated 22% of marketer's overall marketing communication budget, according to eMarketer in 2012.

  • Brain Health And Preserving Digital Assets  in Engage:Boomers on 12/18/2012

    There are two firms that are making breakthroughs in important areas of Baby Boomers' lives. One is in brain health, and the other is in preserving historical family assets digitally. As a marketer, it is important to understand, connect and engage your target audience. These two companies are creating engaging campaigns, and understand how to connect emotionally with their Baby Boomer audience. Engaging photos are important and relevant but so is the copy. Below in quotes is the copy used to connect and tell a story.

  • Yes, Brad Pitt Is A Baby Boomer in Engage:Boomers on 11/19/2012

    Marketers, do you know your demographics? It helps to have a face with a name. Here are the four main U.S. economic demographics with four famous cultural icon examples for easy identification and spending facts.

  • Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday Online Spending And Other Facts  in Engage:Boomers on 10/17/2012

    Marketers, start your holiday campaign engines! If you are not including Baby Boomers in your target audience, your competitors will be. Baby Boomers buy for themselves but also for their parents and their children. In fact, Baby Boomer women influence 80% of household buying decisions.

  • Presidential Election, Baby Boomer Careers, And Health  in Engage:Boomers on 09/17/2012

    People ages 47 to 66 turn to the internet on a daily basis for information on health, technology, politics, travel, books, pets and insert any topic here. Baby Boomers spend more time on line each month than Gen X or Gen Y, researching, connecting and spending more money. The Boomer consumer holds 70% of the U.S. disposable income, and 70% of them show up to vote. Which brings me to the presidential election. There will be close to $200 million spent online the next 50 days to sway votes in the election.

  • Baby Boomers Control 70% Of The U.S. Disposable Income  in Engage:Boomers on 08/20/2012

    Brad Pitt is a Baby Boomer. George Clooney is a Baby Boomer. Madonna and Bruce Springsteen are Baby Boomers. Not exactly in a wheelchair or using a walker. Do I have your attention? If you are under 30 and reading this, it's your parents, ages 47 - 66. Change your thinking and understand Baby Boomers are vibrant, healthy and a very lucrative audience. The brands and agency executives that understand this will increase their bottom line.

  • Your Brand Is Missing The Largest Share Of Wallet And Their Vote  in Engage:Boomers on 07/16/2012

    If you are a Presidential election Super Pac or committee, selling destinations, travel or autos, don't miss the wealthiest U.S. demographic, Baby Boomers ages 48 - 66. They consume online media at a rate of 15 hours or more per week, longer than Gen X or Gen Y and spend more each month online.

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  • When Boomers Retire, Some Marketers Win, And Others Lose by Derek Dunham (Engage:Boomers on 10/27/2014)

    Excellent article Derek, Thank you. A couple stats worth noting, Boomers over age 50 purchase 80% of all luxury travel and 62% of all new cars. A digital media firm I am on the board of, Navigate Boomer Media, uses programmatic advertising and native content to reach this audience who holds 70% of US disposable income.

  • What Marketers Need to Know Before They Onboard by Jeff Sporn (Programmatic Insider on 12/12/2013)

    Hi Jeff, Enjoyed your article. We have found using 33 data partners, aligning with our client's KPI's and use significant targeting and behavioral information that we can reach 82% of the most powerful consumer at any time online, ages 48 - 66 who hold 70% of the U.S. wealth. The consumer over 60 has the most savings and purchasing power than any other demographic. Nancy

  • Publishers Lunge For Native Ads by Erik Sass (MediaDailyNews on 12/10/2013)

    We have been integrating informative content effectively for our clients in travel, health, in our Baby Boomer network of sites for over a year stating branded content. The content has to be educational not overly promotional. The consumer is informed, has transparency and client's conversion rates have increased.

  • Ad Dollars Shift As Boomers Age by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 07/05/2012)

    The boomers control 70% of the U.S. Wealth and spend more time and money online each month than Gen X or Gen Y. Our firm, Navigate Boomer Media, largest online boomer media source exists because baby boomers are online. We have 140 web sites with boomer content that Digitas, Razorfish, StarCom and large brands utilize us for reach and transparency. We place ads, content, social media, and have email and mobile databases. Boomers buy most cars - 62%, buy 80% of luxury travel and own the most homes!

  • Could You Pass Marketing 101 Today? by Nancy Shonka Padberg (Engage:Boomers on 02/21/2012)

    Thank you Paula and Ruth Ann. Tony, I reviewed your last 4 comments for other authors and they are all negative too. Its amazing when colleagues support one another in the industry - please try to. As you well know all the demographic information can be off from 1 to 5 years, no one owns this information.

  • A Day In The Life Of Barbara Baby Boomer by Nancy Shonka Padberg (Engage:Boomers on 04/18/2011)

    Hi Thom, I would ask that you read the article more carefully, I don't list any publications our Barbara Baby Boomer reads. And yes, Ben could be Barbara, except he doesn't wear clothes from Chicos, Talbots or Clarks. Please note we do agree on multiple touch points as Barbara gets her email, looks at apps and reads several web sites. Our firm Navigate Boomer Media implements campaigns regularly across our 120 sites with banner ads, content email, mobile and caregiver databases reaching this exact target market effectively. Your apology is accepted. Nancy

  • Women Are The Ultimate Travel Consumers by Stephen Reily (Engage:Boomers on 02/01/2010)

    That's a staggering number 79% already have travel plans. I read recently that boomer women consider travel a necessity, not a luxury. Boomer women are the healthiest, wealthiest consumer in the U.S. Making 80% of the household decisions, apparently for travel decisions too! A terrific article by Stephen at Vibrantnation giving us insight to this powerful generation. I love the site too - giving authentic voices and exchanges to vibrant, smart women ages 50 + .

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