• Longevity Rules And Boomers Win
    Logic tells us that there is a considerable gap between Boomer aspirations for the third and fourth quarters of their lives and what they as individuals, supplemented by the federally financed social safety net, can afford. The numbers point to a future of lessened material expectations for Boomers.
  • Writing A Brand New Book
    Marketing needs to be adjusted to the facts that no two people perceive anything exactly the same way. At a time when such terms as "permission marketing," "customer relationship management," and "online personalization" are widely bandied about, more serious thought needs be given to the uniqueness of each of us and why we are unique.
  • Marketer, Heal Thyself
    The next time you are frustrated at your inability to convince the young creative director or media planner or marketing client to include Boomers in their campaign, ask yourself if you are abiding by your own advice.
  • Annoyed With Retail Service, Women Are Buying Their Clothes Online
    These women are shopping, but rarely happily, and the suffering U.S. fashion industry has its biggest growth opportunity in meeting their needs.