• Women And Healthcare
    Clearly, reaching the right decision maker in the right way is critical to successful healthcare marketing. With so many boomer women responsible for healthcare decisions -- for themselves and others -- it's imperative to target and effectively connect with this important segment.
  • We Have Seen The Future, And It Is Old
    The trick, quite honestly, is how to evolve from "cool" to "wise"? Fortunately for Boomers, there is time to let our actions make the transition for us. Moving beyond cool to wise is something we will have to do.
  • Sell Experiences, Not Products
    As we get older we become more resistant to absolute guarantees or propositions. Salespeople should allow the consumer to pull wanted information; never push it at them.
  • H1N1 Vaccine: A Generation Gap?
    Public health officials neglected to take these different generational experiences into consideration when developing their marketing communication efforts. Had they done so, they might have been more effective in encouraging younger parents to inoculate their children.
  • Women Are Online, Shopping For Cosmetics
    This survey confirmed that these Boomer women may be the "last consumer standing" in hard times. Fifty-nine percent of respondents told us that they are willing to pay more for higher quality ingredients in beauty products even during the current economic climate.